Business Suite for Small and Medium Businesses

This is the time to enhance our IT software to manage our ever-changing business requirements to monitor and get actionable insights out of operations.

We saw a fundamental gap in the existing tools required for the everyday needs of the business to run Human Resource management, Project management, Sales, Marketing, and SEO. There are outstanding tools and software for small business as well as medium business out there, but the main problem is that their tools don’t share relevant necessary data to enhance each of them. 

Hence Pietrack came up with the idea of developing one business suite to have all the necessary tools interconnected within your organization to give you actionable insights, alerts, and forecasts. Pietrack is one of the best business suite for startups to enterprises.

Here are some of the best software for small business as well as medium business.

HR Management: Employee management, Payroll, Leave Management, Work from home requests, asset management, employee document management, Holidays, Payslips.

Our specialty: Pietrack's HR Management software provides easy solutions, especially to the human resources professionals. It can be helpful to those companies where the workforce is more. The software helps the companies keep track of the employee's work log, average work hours, live-work tracking, screenshots, active, and inactive time to see the efficiency of the employee to the organization, employee work efficiency reports. This can also be the best software for small business. The features of this software can apply to all the businesses who are working on desktops or laptops, whether they are working remotely or at office work.

The software's features help the employees work effortlessly and productively for the company. With employee work efficiency reports features, the company helps employees improve their performance where they are lagging, thereby helping them grow professionally.  

Project Management: Tasks, Milestone/Sprint, integrations with the sentry, GitLab, GitHub.

Our specialty: Pietrack's project management system for medium business as well as startups gives a wide variety of features for the managers and team leads for the company. The software features are working logs linked to the task, working screenshots related to the task, live view of teamwork status. 

These features are found to be quite beneficial to the project managers and team leaders to keep track of the live work of the team. This feature can work best for the software development teams where the manager or the team lead can help his team with the code. The timely screenshots used by this software also helps them keep track of their employee's performance. The software also helps in planning, scheduling, managing documents, and reports of the team and lets the team members work with ease.

Sales: Lead management, lead capture with API, account management, Invoicing

Our Speciality: Pietrack's sales management software can be very beneficial to sales professionals. Our development team has worked hard to meet the needs of the sales in this software. The software's salient feature of capturing leads with API platform can help the sales professionals easily capture leads from the lead sources. The generic API helps to create a lead, update a lead, and convert a lead, thereby helping the sales professionals and providing the best solution for it.

More tools for startups and SMEs are under development. Marketing, Social media management, SEO – on-page analysis.