How to increase employee productivity in 2020

Entrepreneurs, businessmen, or any startup will come across many challenges. Funding, finding the right talent, and time management tools are the major concerns for any company daily.  Few changes to the daily processes can automate the level of productivity and efficiency.

The selection of the best software tool to organize your operations and productivity plays a crucial role. We have many online tools but selecting the best tool can increase your team management, clear communication channel, accurate prioritization of tasks, specific targets for different teams, accountability, and strategy alignment. 

PieTrack stands still with impeccable modules that accelerate the productivity of any startup/business along with its employee’s growth. Any start-up can organize its human resource management, project management, sales, and marketing using PieTrack.

PieTrack makes everything as digitally savvy 

We came up with PieTrack management software because we felt there was a gap in the market when it came to tools that help start-ups and SMEs track their teams’ working hours effectively. PieTrack makes it simple for employees with hourly contracts to track their time, with an easy-to-use interface and a powerful backend that enables managers to track performance and create detailed reports.

PieTrack works well for industries, like IT startups, with hourly workforces. However, in today’s fast-moving environment many other business tasks can be completely digitized. The main agenda is to find the tasks where the team makes the most use of their time. This helps the engaged employees work productively for the organization.

PieTrack acts like an accelerator 

We can create users and organize them from your remote location. By using PieTrack we can evaluate the team’s performance in terms of productivity and efficiency. It enables you to organize and prioritize your startup life in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way. The basic version of PieTrack is free of cost for specific users and it can be synchronized across all your devices.

PieTrack helps to create a structured format in any organization 

If team collaboration fails especially in small start-ups, it can create confusion, and even worse, lead to duplicate efforts and tons of wasted time. All relevant information kept in one place and new team members can cope up with the speed. Teams are structured and better connected, which is especially good for remote startup teams.

PieTrack markets your services smartly

Many start-ups invest a remarkable amount of their capital in marketing their services. You have to be very specific in your marketing strategies before you spend money on any tool. Identify your targeted audience, location, different time zone, and send them customized email campaigns from PieTrack marketing. This marketing tool saves time and improves the employee’s productivity and accuracy in researching the market.

Encourage independence instead of micro-managing 

Let your team manage their tasks individually and independently, you trust them enough to join your start-up, so you should be able to give them a task and let them deal with it. This increases motivation, and you’ll find that the more ownership someone can take for their role, the better job they will do at it. Also, this makes the employee happy and content with his work. 

It’s worth that not just software tools and applications can enable your team to become more productive. Also, a clear description of goals, a motivated team spirit, and a shared vision are important. The key step for increased productivity is trying to evade distractions and time-consuming stuff like unwanted meetings. Instead, try to establish an effective, transparent, and objective-oriented working environment. It’s best to always have a trial and error methodology to find out what works best for your team, your company goals, and time management. Pietrack monitors employee’s productivity and helps them improve thereby achieving their target goals.

PieTrack lets you centralize your employee’s information, leave tracking, payroll, project tracking, sales, and marketing on a single platform in real-time. Deploy incredibly secure yet user-intuitive solutions that will cut down on manual labor and improve the accuracy and productivity of the company.