How to sustain and support your company in pandemic situation

Coronavirus disease 2019 popularly known as COVID-19 is having its foothold on every continent. It’s a public health urgency of international concern but infectious disease outbreaks need not induce panic. To control the pandemic, we have to follow a few immediate and simple actions like identify, isolate, test, treat, and trace the in contact people with an infected person.

By being well-skilled about the facts, the business leaders can play a key role in understanding the employees’ concerns, establishing safety measures, and balancing their productivity relatively moderate without any adverse effects.

First companies should have an idea about their employee’s well being and should notice if someone is sick. Business leaders should identify the employees who are sick who are doing work from home and their contact to trace the threat in advance.

Relying on all in one business suite during this pandemic situation is much more effective than depending on the manual work. Thanks to many modern technologies and tools helping companies to organize their business operations effectively. PieTrack is designed exclusively for business partners or organizations to manage their systems remotely. Business leaders should predict the risks and legal consultation of every business operation.

Human resource management, project management, sales, and marketing are the key features of any organization. We have different tools for HR, PM, and CRM, but we need one commendable tool to manage all processes. Finding such a tool with powerful features with reasonable pricing is the best practice during this pandemic.

PieTrack is having everything online which gives full control to the management to organize their employee’s worklog, track their progress, improve their sales process, HR activities and even marketing can be carried out effectively. PieTrack provides consistency in tracking your company employees and helps in achieving sustainability.

PieTrack human resource management provides a path to manage your HR activities like employee tracking, attendance, leave management, payroll, user permissions management, workplace documents, meetings, and worksheets. HR managers can track all these business operations by a few clicks in PieTrack.

PieTrack project management software provides leverage in employee monitoring on a computer that can measure productivity, performance, security, and gathers proof of hours worked in terms of billable hours. This software helps when employees are traveling or quarantine to manage their work hours using PieTrack.

PieTrack CRM drives the company to track its sales process, though it is a non-productive season for sales still we can follow up with clients about their safety and build a healthy relationship with them. We can customize email templates and write their own content according to their subject. Users can manage their contact list and import contacts by uploading them into the CRM system. 

Company sustainability and support depends on the following

Less time wastage :

Identifying your employee time on any particular task gives a clear picture of the time spent on each individual task. As it tracks the time, there will be appropriate billing for the resources.

Fewer Errors:

Managers can make a list of important tasks and assign them to your team depending upon the priority. By using approach one can minimize the possible error.

Increased Security :

The best you can understand your work process, the best you can manage. As store the details on a secured cloud. The information about projects is highly secured. 

More Transparency :

It helps in team synchronization as remote work is more and more common. Management will have a granular view of each employee’s work activities.

By using PieTrack we can overcome immediate challenges. We can eliminate the work pressure by collaborating with the team to work according to the company guidelines. Choose PieTrack to work on multi projects with the best management processes.