New HR Management software to automate tasks and give you employee ratings

As technology evolves, more companies are automating their systems in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency. We have many tools to streamline human resource management tasks that are now becoming more valuable as organizations look forward to determining the most effective use of employee assets. Many tools provide solutions that overlap in their functions. 

PieTrack HR management

The powerful HR software management comes with dynamic user management that connects technology with HR strategic plans to boost the productivity of the company. By using HR management software you can manage employees, payroll management, performance evaluation, timesheet management, and administration. Manage your employees’ life cycle on an unified platform along with project management, sales, and marketing. 

Workforce Management

In many organizations, employees work for different time sets with specific agendas. One team may be working for a general shift, the sales team might be working for the night shift and customer support might be working all day. By using workforce management we can automate the process and allocate resources according to availability and can reduce the overtime of a particular employee. We can analyze their history and forecast their needs and streamline the employees accordingly.

Leave management

We can change the default leave setting and can assign the employees with the same leave policy. We can manage leave calculations like available sick, casual and emergency leaves. Track your employee leave status by using PieTrack and can track employee availability and activity. 

Timesheet management

Previously employees used to enter their manual work logs. Now we can automate employees working hours integrated from a project management tool. PieTrack is integrated with a tracker where it logs employee work time and it will be reflected in the HR tool. By using PieTrack we can reduce the errors and help employees to compensate accurately. 

Notification Alerts
PieTrack provides appropriate reminders and alerts about their best performance, weak performance, leave application, leave status, up-coming holidays and the upcoming events in the company. It helps employees to plan their schedules accordingly and work effectively. With one click we can organize a meeting, employee event and help employees to step in more advanced levels of technology.

Information Management
By using PieTrack HR management software, organize valuable data related to employee joining details, qualifications, experience letters, personal details, bank details, performance reports, and their project details. We can have a complete dashboard about every employee in the organization.

Performance evaluation 

Keeping a track record of your employee skills and knowledge that helps us to place the qualified candidates within your organization. Suppose a project comes up with banking experience then we can enlist the employees who worked with similar domains and can help pull them to those particular projects. Employee performance can be evaluated depending on their timesheet, and the ratings provided by the leads.

Payroll and expenses

PieTrack can automatically generate the payslips of employees. The HR manager can run the payroll every month which automatically creates the payslips of employees. We have some predefined templates for payroll, one can choose the needed template or customize according to their specific needs and generate payroll.

Work from home

Users can apply for work from home requests and management can track their employees remotely. They can check their live status and their working hours. Management can enable screenshots if they want to know their employee work activity. It’s an automated system that sends suitable triggers to employees and management. 

Due to availability of HR management software tools is the reason that contributes to its popularity. PieTrack makes it very easy for employees to access the tool from any location in the world. It is an integrated module empowers the employees to increase productivity and management to track their employee performance. PieTrack helps the management to follow a smart business approach.