Project management for startups

Every company needs complete visibility into core business processes and optimize systems through superior management, tracking, reporting, database management and sharing data information effectively. Every company will be having human resource management, project management, sales, marketing, and customer service. Be it any company or whatever industry it belongs to, they will follow a few common business processes which play an important role in their business.

Human resource management

Every company is associated with human resource management because every company works on human resources that need a properly structured management. Any employee will be associated with the hiring process, employment offer, joining formalities, training & development, worklog, timesheet management, leave management, compensation, payroll management, performance evaluation, and promotion process. Any company will have similar HR activities but will be defined with different objectives and goals.

Project Management

The company works on various projects associated with various verticals like IT, civil engineering, healthcare, banking, etc, so project management plays a vital role in any project success. Appropriate project planning, project execution, project implementation, project designing, testing, resolving, continuous monitoring, and reporting are common basic functions in any project management software.

Project delivery methodologies are very much important in a company to determine the success rate. The requirements of any company may vary in different terms and conditions but the ultimate goal remains the same throughout the organization. It is seen that the project management software for start-ups is pretty much in demand.


New competition pushes businesses to achieve higher standards of service while emerging technology compresses product life cycles and forces companies to adopt new technologies. Sales are the only process to anticipate and respond quickly to changing business needs.

The sales life cycle is very typical to design and implement across the channel. It includes lead generation, inbound lead generation, sending sales-related emails, follow up with the clients, cost estimation, negotiations, sales documentation, and scheduling the discussions with clients. Any organization working on the essential sales process to improve the sales life cycle.


A company’s reach is defined by its marketing strategies. It involves branding, market search, the process of identifying and anticipating customer needs. Marketing core functions are to identify and target the best customers, customization and personalize marketing of products and services, and track the customer contacts.

Email marketing is the bouncing strategy of any marketing firm like sending customized email templates to bulk customers at once depending upon the ongoing offers/deals and festive seasons. Marketing leads to the sales cycle where both are the crucial processes for any company.

Project management for Start-ups

Start-ups have to be very cautious about every project implementation. The feedback provided by the customers opens the paths for new projects. Start-ups cannot afford costly project management software, and they will be looking for effective and cost-effective solutions.

PieTrack will be the best solution for any start-up who wants to organize their projects well planned. It helps when to begin the project, how to do it and when the project is supposed to be complete. It provides various functionalities like:

  •       Project planning
  •       Roles are identified and responsibilities are assigned
  •       Task allocation
  •       Prioritizing the task
  •       Monitor the progress of the implementation
  •       Control measures to be installed
  •       Corrective actions should be done
  •       Tacking the changelogs
  •       Project integration tools
  •       Document management (related to the project)

PieTrack project management software for small businesses as well as for enterprises provides beneficial features to maintain the integrity of projects. Users can install the PieTrack application to track their time, task management and can handle multiple projects at a time. Users can analyze their time on each task and can work effectively by investing their time in important tasks. PieTrack's project management solution for start-ups will definitely help the business to raise its productivity. It provides transparency, continuous monitoring, log errors, report generation, and there is no scope for wastage of time.

To explore the complete functionalities in PieTrack project management, Please explore the functionalities and try it for free.