New project management system 2020

A company’s success will be determined by its delivery of various projects. Project management plays a crucial role in the completion of projects. At the initiation of the project, the planning and organising the work seems overwhelming. We may have a hundred to thousand number of tasks that need to be completed in a given time frame according to the priority mentioned.

In the market we have many project management tools but finding the best tool for your company is the key step of your successful project. PieTrack is an all in one system where the project management software is designed in a way to organize everything remotely. 

Project Initiation :

During the first phase of the project we can define the objective and values of any project. By using PieTrack project management you can maintain your project related documents and can share them with your clients. Users can add any number of documents related to the project in PieTrack project management software.

Project Planning :

By creating a new project in PieTrack you can define the timelines and its scope of work. You can assign them to your team and you can add different labels depending on the project specifications. The project planning helps the team in producing valuable outputs, risk management, user acceptance, and better communication within the project.

Project Execution:
The most important phase for any project is associated with the project management. Resource allocation for the required deliverables and being focused on assigned tasks. PieTrack is having an application where users can login to it and track their time spent on particular tasks. Users can organize multiple projects, task management and time management by using PieTrack.

PieTrack with astonishing features:

  • Project division into various milestones/phases depending upon the need.
  • Generate reports for the worklog of your team members and report according to the billable and non billable hours.
  • Can track the activity of the project and their active time on each project with appropriate comments submitted by users.
  • PieTrack gives you the availability status of each employee.
  • Organize the project related meetings by using PieTrack.
  • In settings, users can add their team members, priorities, status, labels and integrations like Sentry, Git Lab, Git Hub and Trello.
  • Users can download PieTrack Application for different operating systems and a clear procedure is mentioned in the following link .
  • Screenshot retention upto 30 days, PieTrack captures your employees screen randomly. It gives full control to the project manager to manage their team.

Project screening and control:
Project can be monitored or controlled in a very efficient way by using PieTrack project management software. PieTrack constantly monitors the tasks and their progress given any time frame constraints. For a promising project delivery as per the defined scope PieTrack helps in constant monitoring. Project managers can track the time frame deviations, key performance indicators and variations from the allocated budget and time. The persistent monitoring leads to a smooth project delivery.

Project delivery/closure:

A project is delivered successfully if it’s objectives are achieved with no critical issues or defects. Client approves the project with the predefined user acceptance criteria then we can sign off the project. By using PieTrack users can assign the completed tasks to review or ready to test and then close that particular task. If it is an ongoing project you can see the dashboard for the overview of the project and can segregate the pending tasks and put them in the loop.

PieTrack project management software proves its best efficiency in time management, resource management, team organizing, project tracking, prioritising the tasks, screenshot management, document managing and so on. Having the best project management tool with an affordable price is equally important for project success. In order to experience our PieTrack project management software please go through this link and enjoy the free trial.