Project management with chat integration

Real-time Chat

Nowadays, real-time messaging becomes our integral part of the day to day life and on average, a person spends at least 50 messages per day from any other platform. Real-time chat is all about virtual online communication that provides a real-time or live transmission of text messages from sender to receiver. We have many software programs available to enable real-time chat between any individuals by using Internet services.

Project management with chat system

Chat system provides a platform that helps us in one to one and one to many instant messaging. In any project implementation communication is the key role for driving the project in the right direction. Hence, project management with chat integration is being adopted by the companies. The project includes many people and you need a collaboration platform for workgroup discussion.

Any project should have a separate chat room to discuss the following:

Project initiation - The discussion phase for the project kick start.

Status Update - This could be a daily thread for the team to provide their updates.

Project execution - During the execution phase team can discuss the possible scenarios and the alternatives for productive solutions.

Project implementation - The outcome of the project can be elevated with various implementation methodologies.

Project delivery - Discussion of the release notes and the new features added to the new version.

In every stage of the project,we need a track of the discussions from the beginning of the project till the end. Project management chat integration easily connects all the members of the team.

Team communication in the project:

We have many milestones that break down into tasks and further classified into independent and dependent tasks in any project. One should acknowledge the dependent tasks and make it work from both end booths to avoid the dependency risks. The team should know every single detail about the project so that it won’t create any confusion while working on it. The team management chat integration system resolves these problems bringing out the transparency at work with the team members.

Free project management software

PieTrack is a feature software suite that aligns your business needs with the current trend. PieTrack’s free project management software is a well-structured module at an organizational level.

PieTrack project management

  •  Creates projects with few basic steps and customizes according to the business requirements is the best feature in PieTrack.
  •  Defining milestones, phases, priorities, and labels for each project is the best approach for understanding the need for the project.
  •   It is having the track of all actions performed by each individual towards the project execution and the team can view these modifications.
  •   If the team member is using the PieTracker then calculating the time spent and the estimated time variation will be quite easy.
  •   Instead of sharing the project related documents separately through the electronic medium, simply upload the files that will be accessed by the team members.
  •   Organize the project meetings, backlogs meetings, demos, and presentations by using the meetings option in PieTrack.
  •   They opt for the screenshots and that gives you the random screenshots of your employee working screen.

Free project management software with internal chat

In addition to the existing features, PieTrack recently introduced a chat feature in the project management software. Our root cause for PieTrack solution is the difficulties we faced while working with other software. We observed many companies and firms using two different tools for project management and communication channels. This increases the chaos among the team so we came up with an internal chat option where they can discuss all the project related issues and information.

We developed an internal communication channel in the project management software as project management chat integration, at a very basic level where team members can share their information. Our main objective is to eliminate the third party communication tool and reduce the burden of integrating with other systems. We provide sharing of the attachments and tagging the concerned people.

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