Tool for remote employees work management and monitoring

In this modern era, everyone wants to operate everything from a remote location. That's where remote employee management comes into the picture. Remote teams that are globally operated employees in different time zones are on the rise. A recent survey found that 34% of total business leaders informed that half of their workforce would be working remotely.

There are so many online tools available, they help you to ensure your employees are on track, guiding them to achieve their top-level performance goals and keeping the company's culture alive. Remote working increases your productivity graph, reduces stress, less time wastage and it is more cost-effective rather than visiting the office.

The basic functionalities for the remote workforce management system are mentioned below:

Work management

Work management is the software that provides services in a workflow structure for the movement of information as well as the integration of business processes and workforce that generate the reports. It helps to plan work, manage their work time, control labor cost, and improve efficiency. An effective work management system automates a few processes, cuts down paperwork, and breaks downs the task correctly. The remote employees' work management tool can be a solution to all the managers and human resources professionals who are working remotely. 

Leave management

Leave management is defined as the ongoing process of managing the employee leaves in an organization. It includes applying for the leave, approval of the leave, update on the leave, and leave policies. Businesses can design their leave management software according to their industry standards.

Project management integrated with worklog

Project management is the core business process for any organization. Employee work management is interlinked with project management. Project management integrated with the worklog helps you to track the tasks, their progress, prioritize their task based on the severity. The remote employees' work monitoring tool provides help in continuous monitoring of the project and logs the errors.

Sales meeting scheduler with calendar

This will support a few integrations where you can schedule any meeting with clients by providing a simple meeting link and a reminder about the meeting. Instead of using different tools, we can use a single tool and can schedule meetings from anywhere and record the key points for betterment.

PieTrack improves business performance

PieTrack is an online business management software that combines the tools to plan your projects, manage your projects, invoicing, sales, marketing, SEO, and employee collaborative platform. This is not only confined to remote work management you can run your entire business from a remote location.

PieTrack sends a daily report of each employee's worklog with a detailed description of the task. It's an automated notification feature that helps you to identify your employee performance daily. Employees will receive alerts about their poor performance, best performance and it provides a way for improvement. 

PieTrack's remote employees' management and monitoring tool help in setting up the to-do lists and it will send reminders about the tasks with near due date. Employees can complete the milestones in assigned or planned timeframes. It gives an overview of tasks, their status, and their priority. 

It helps in time tracking by installing a web application where it calculates the total active hours and inactive hours. If management wants to enable the screenshot option, PieTracker will click a few random screenshots. 

Generally, during office time, you have to wait for someone to visit your desk and solve your problem but, by using PieTrack you can resolve any issue by sharing your screen with anyone who needs to access and save their precious time.

PieTrack brings all your work communication on a single platform and it creates a virtual office and increases your team performance. It provides a cross channel where all your employees can stay up to date by sharing daily planning, achievements, challenges, and longterm goals.