Easy remote team management software and tools

Remote management is having the ability to control user activities from remote locations. Users will install software from which the management can access their work stations/client projects or endpoints from a remote location.

 Need for a remote team management software and tools:

  • Gather client project details, status reports, data about the client networks and systems.
  • Maintain projects successfully and keep them updated.
  • Track issues/bugs remotely and can assign them to a particular team member.
  • It can organize multiple projects remotely with any deviations.
  • Can send notifications/alerts to clients about the project status.
  • Resolves issues about data breaches.
  • We can evaluate employee performance and send reports on their work logs.

Features of remote management software and tools:

Worklog management

Remote team management software helps to access the employee’s work log information from anywhere, no need of waiting for a physical report. Users will receive a notification about their poor performance so that they can cope with the actual work log timing.

Timesheet management

We can calculate the productive hours or unproductive hours for employees. It also includes few actions like running payroll or invoicing the client depending on the timesheets.

Task Management

Remote team management software helps to track the task creation, task assignment, task status, and the number of completed tasks. It involves planning, tracking, testing, and reporting accurately across the cycle. It helps in achieving the goals and objectives of the project.

Communication channel

We can establish clear communication across the team and it provides transparency of information shared across the channels. The user will mention every small detail related to the project so there will be no scope for data leakage.

Leave management

We can manage your employees’ leaves and change the status of their leaves accordingly. The best part about the remote team management software is you will be notified priorly before the week starts so that the week is planned accordingly depending on the resources available.

Report management

Instead of asking for manual reports, we can customize the reports of any particular parameter depending on the requirement. Reporting the project status, and employee performance is a hassle but it will be easier when we use a tool to generate the reports automatically and send the notifications to respective teams.

Automate a few processes

By using a remote management tool, you can automate a few reminders, alerts, assignments, and notifications. No need of creating manual alerts, we have a remote team management software and it automates the business processes.

The need for remote management tool

  • It helps small and medium businesses with enterprise-level monitoring and tracking.
  • It helps in detecting issues before they are critical.
  • It provides systematic management of project execution.
  • It enhances employee productivity and performance.
  • It helps in establishing a stable system with constant monitoring.
  • It helps in increasing the productivity of clients which helps in expanding the profit margins.

It saves time and efforts of a human resource, and the less time you invest the more proper functioning of the systems.

It provides a graphical representation of total work and project overview.

PieTrack increases productivity and team management:

PieTrack is exclusively designed for remote monitoring and tracking the projects. We developed an application where we can monitor employee activity and productivity. Pietrack’s remote team management software helps us to calculate the total billing hours and non-billing hours and we can guide the team to increase their productivity. Project status, on-going issues, pending tasks can be tracked by using the PieTrack application. It generates a report on employee timesheets daily/weekly basis.

All you have to do is download the PieTrack application from download.pietrack.com. Select the assigned project and respective task and click on start, it will monitor your total active and inactive time along with some random screenshots. Business owners can simply track their employees by sitting at their remote locations and this will be the best productive way during pandemic situations.