Tools to increase your startup or enterprise productivity

One of the most critical steps in increasing enterprise productivity is the creation of an integrated data model. Employees from different departments get access to integrated data. The company uses this integrated data for its analysis and decision-making process. Enterprise needs a software tool that supports growing businesses.

A software tool that has a real-time data overview in a single screen where you can see the overview of your ongoing projects, and sales overview. A typical business process where you can communicate information between different processes. The success of any enterprise lies in the best communication and data exchange between human resource management, project management, sales, and marketing.

Human Resource Management :

It is another widely implemented software in any organization. The HR software streamlines the management of human resources and human capital. HR software generally maintains an overall employee database including their general contact information, salary structure, attendance report, performance evaluation and promotion of all employees. An advanced HR module is integrated with all other management systems to optimally utilize the expertise of all employees.

Project Management :

Project planning is a phase that designs the implementation process. It is in this phase that the details of how to go about the implementations are decided. Time schedules, deadlines for the project are developed in this phase. Roles are identified and responsibilities are assigned. We need a project management tool that will be used for the implementation, team members are selected and tasks are allocated. 

If we have a project tracking tool then project owners can monitor the progress of the implementation, what control measures should be installed and what corrective actions should be taken when things get out of control.

If we have a well-planned project management software that reviews the progress of the project and charts the further course of actions, then we should have time to monitor, and kanban view of existing tasks for better understanding.

Sales :

In today’s global business environment, the one thing companies can count on is rapid change and the new opportunities and challenges that change is sure to bring. Revenues from sales are the life-blood for a commercial organization. We need a Sales CRM to increase efficiency in sales and help companies to retain a competitive edge and improve both profit margins and customer satisfaction.

Depending on how your particular system is configured, it should have the following functions, lead management, export and import contact list, team management, customize your email templates, account management to manage your customer account details, capture inbound leads, to manage the existing deals and current opportunities, invoicing, to track calls, emails and discussions.

Marketing :

The marketing software enables organizations to maximize the efficiencies of marketing resources and encourage marketers to acquire and develop a long term customer relationship. With the tools and features of the marketing software, you gain a flexible power marketing success. The software should support critical marketing processes like email marketing, lead management, contact management, and a complete overview of marketing processes.

A tool that helps you to analyze, plan, develop, implement and measure all marketing activities to maximize the efficiency of your resources and gain visibility and control into your marketing processes.

Choosing a software application which is having such brilliant features and excellence in various business processes is needed to beat the competition. PieTrack helps in keeping all the vital information  always at your fingertips for gathering and analyzing your organization’s information both internally and externally. PieTrack is a business suite that takes one or more kinds of input and creates an output that is of value to the customer.

Any enterprise which needs a system that treats the organization as a single entity and caters to the information, needs of the whole organization, and drives the company’s productivity growth and produces the dramatic benefits that it is capable of. PieTrack is one stop location for all your Startup or Enterprise productivity.