Work from home tools and techniques

Working remotely from home can be hugely remarkable if you increase your productivity graph, maintain a healthy work-life balance, and boost your business relationships. Despite having many benefits, you need team dedication and smart work strategies to pull it off successfully.

Work from home should have clarity about when to work, where to work, and creating a schedule about the work defines the boundaries between work and personal life. Schedule normal working hours, set some ground rules with family, and set breaks so that you can produce quality work with transparency and communication.  Work from home techniques should be planned well by taking advantage of software, application, and tools for working remotely.

Task Management

Work productivity depends upon the tasks we choose to work and their in-progress status. Choosing the high priority task and completing it in time is what an organization looks for. We should have an organized board where you have a set of high priority tasks, bugs, issues, and tickets that need immediate attention. This effective task management can be achieved by a well-structured tool. There are many tools for working remotely available in the market nowadays which improves the quality of work amongst the workforce. 


Employee productivity is measured in terms of the work log. During remote work, you maintain a constant work log with an active time of more than 85%. You should choose a tool that will frequently remind you about their work log deficit or excess work time so that you follow the working hours accurately.

Realtime Chat

Communication is a key important factor in regular work life. Availability for various channels of communication as the others will be working for different time zones. The project related information should be shared across the team for the project functionality changes or updates. It’s always better to have a tool that is integrated with real-time chat.

Internet Connectivity

The heart for work from home is a stable internet connection. We need network connectivity for every single activity. Before looking for work from home, you have to check your internet speed and connectivity.

Comfortable working environment

Creating a comfortable zone for your workspace makes your work life much easier. Maybe you can find a room which is less exposed to noise or home disturbances and arrange seating where you can be much more comfortable.


Every single team wants to know their teammate’s work status and there might be dependent tasks that need to be done. Clear transparency should be maintained across the team about your work timing hours, your schedules breaks, and your availability for calls.


We need software to see everyone and their activity in one place rather than asking everyone and noting in excel files or hopping across many software. We should have continuous monitoring in place to increase the productivity graph. The management team should receive the daily work log reports or weekly work log reports of their team members.

Stick to one project planning software, where you have the list of your to-dos to make your work organized. We should select a tool where you have third party integrations for team collaboration and code management.

The work from home monitoring tools like the time tracker application will provide insights on the time taken on each task and check your productivity levels. This time tracker helps you in minimizing the distractions. Stay vigilant against security breaches and follow your company data policies. Use a virtual private machine for an encrypted data solution.

After considering all aspects, PieTrack delivers the best work from home tools providing all the mandatory solutions to make your remote work effective and productive. PieTrack helps in your business continuity where every organization should deal with it. The company can stay operational by the remote workforce and you can limit the effects of any disasters.

During this pandemic, work from home is no longer a novel concept and you can make it better by choosing tools like PieTrack.