Worklog integrated HR management software

The basic hurdle for any company is to manage human resources management in an effective manner. Human resource management is the procedure of acquiring, deploying, and developing people for organizational success. The competitive environment of the next millennium with its economy and technological challenges might disturb the HR department in future.

HR management software has a centralized database with integration to multiple components for employee information. Let us know the features of Pietrack’s HR management software.

Time Tracking

Time tracking for employees is very essential to evaluate data related to the time that your employees spend working. This component of Pietrack simplifies your efforts to determine working hours.

The HR management software helps in work schedules efficiently and effectively by automating schedule generation and allowing the flexible definition of time, models and schedules per location and organization levels. 

Furthermore, you can check the plans any time against the rules governing employees’ working time, for example, to detect noncompliance with relevant legislation. All-time data relating to your employees is centrally administered. This implies not only for planned working time but also short-term changes to your shift plan brought about by, for example, sickness or overtime, are relayed directly to the time management component.

Worklog Integration

Pietrack’s work log integration allows you to set flexible working hours and processes, work notices as times are recorded. Individual and group piece of work calculation for employee incentive wages is also available by calculating their productive work logs. The time evaluation component allows the daily processing of employee time and data. This worklog or the time tracking software are also being opted by the small business industries as it helps in developing work accuracy as well as work productivity.  

HR management software tool when integrated with the worklog handles the complicated evaluation rules to fulfil the regulatory requirements and determine overtime and time-related data. It helps you to store your organization’s business rules and automatically validates the number of hours, productive hours and billing types.

The results of employee time evaluation can be shown on a timesheet that provides a detailed overview of daily working hours and time waste types. Most software packages provide a review feature that will provide all the necessary information and tools to review employee time data.

 The worklog integrated HR management software helps to plan your workforce requirements quickly and accurately.

  •  You are able to arrange a target-oriented plan that can be drafted for any given period.
  • You can plan your works according to the specifications taking into consideration, all criteria including attendance and employee requests for time off.
  • It keeps you informed at all times of any staff excess or deficit: a convenient planning board is provided to guide you when entering and copying shifts for any designated period.

Another advantage of work tracking software is that it enables you to temporarily assign an employee or employees to another project unit where they are needed. By having worklog hours, one can check the irregularities, working time hours, breaks associated with the work time hours, and employee sincerity will be noticed.


The attendance feature of Pietrack is equally important as the time tracking and worklog feature. With the work management software, you can easily keep a record of the employee’s leave. The best thing about this work tracking software is that the employees will be notified priorly before the week begins so that the employees will plan and complete their task before they go for their leave, which in return will also help them enjoy their vacation stress-free. The attendance feature helps the human resource department as well as the account department to calculate the salary of the employees.


Best feature of the work tracking software is the software takes screenshots to monitor the activities of the employees. The random screenshots taken by the work management software helps in tracking the employee’s overall work in a day. The time tracking for the employees as well as this screenshot feature helps the HR managers generate a complete report about the employee’s work progress. They also tell where the employee needs to improve.

With this work tracking software, any company can manage its business easily thereby increasing productivity of the company.

By using PieTrack you can integrate your employee worklog to the HR module, where your HR administrator will have complete access to employee information, their worksheet, and their activities. PieTrack application is designed for various OS with commendable features like time tracking from remote locations.

PieTrack gives employees’ online status, up-coming leaves, a complete overview of the employees’ activity report. We can track the number of tasks assigned to each employee, how fast they can complete the task, tasks that are consuming more time, their inactive time, if they want to opt for screenshots PieTrack will produce few screenshots randomly.

PieTrack helps in planning your scrum/sprint by assigning tasks efficiently and tracks the sprint time and its execution. By using PieTrack we will never miss out even a single productive hour, it tracks each and every hour when the employee records their work. Having a business software with a worklog integrated to HR management is an added advantage to any organization to increase its business development and productivity.