Human Resource Management
System Software

The human resource management's major role in an organization is to have the staffing, compensations of the employees by providing them the benefits they deserve, and framing their work. These roles are subdivided into various elements, like time tracking, worklogs, payrolls, leave management, activities, employees’ performance report, and many more. To ease all these practices for human resources professionals, Pietrack has introduced Human Resources Management System software. The HRMS software is specially designed to track the employees’ activities and help the organization attain productivity.


Tired of tracking all the documents in different places. Let's use PieTrack, to manage all your employees & oraganization activities in one place


An overview of the total employees, events, and their recent work logs.

Work from home

Can apply for work from home and the status of the requests can be managed.

Leave management

By using HR software, users can apply for leaves, and check their balance leave sheet. Leave approval and status can also be tracked.

User Management

Can create users, and manage their personal information, professional data, salary, and leave account details. Users have edit access to update their information.


By using the human resource system, update your company holidays, and manage them.


Run your employee’s salary payroll on a monthly basis.


Users can view their monthly payslips and download them.


Employees can request resources like a laptop, phones, cable, etc… from a company.

Activity Management

Manage your employee’s timesheets and worklog on each project.


Upload and have all employee-related documents in a single place.


Schedule meetings and send notifications for upcoming meetings.


Manage your company worksets, designations, and default leave settings.


Can view the employee online availability status.

Work Summary

Management can view their employees’ weekly reports and users will notify through email about their weekly stats.