Sales Management Software

The sales management software helps the sales professionals to manage their contacts, meeting schedules, lead management, documentation, accounting and many more. The lead management system helps in driving sales for the organization by managing, capturing and tracking the leads. Features like emails, meetings, calls and documentation, and many more were included in the lead management software.


Software sales is key for the success of your business sustainability and growth. You should be in complete control and have insights of the sales process. We aim to provide answers to your software sales needs.


A quick walk through the sales teams, emails, leads, contacts, and accounts.


Create teams for different sales processes and organize them.


Add the companies manually with name, email, address, and phone number. Upload a CSV file to upload bulk companies.


Add new leads and track the status of the leads like hot, cold, open, and closed. An option is available to opt for the Kanban board view for lead management software. Manage their notes, emails, meetings, calls, contacts, and files.


Add new contacts and assign them to the companies they are associated with.


Add the client account details and manage notes, emails, meetings, calls, contacts, files, and invoices. Users can raise the invoice directly from this sales accounts feature.


Add the existing offers/ deals in this section and have a track on them.


Schedule the meetings, calls, and discussion and send notifications to clients.


Organize all sales-related documents like a sales pitch, introduction, flyer, company profile, etc….

Email Templates

Design your customized email templates according to the subject you want to prospect.


Inbound lead capture procedure is mentioned to add your leads to the PieTrack sales tool through Curl, Python, and API Key.