One Suite to track your Business operations

The Platforms we've got it covered

Pietracks helps to track all business operations from small to medium size to fit your requirements with HR, Project Management, sales and marketing platform. By using these platforms you can make the work easy with tracking and get high returns for your business.

HR Management

Manage organization employee's personal, official, salary details in one place.

Project Management

Manage Activities, Tasks, Milestones, Worklog and work management.

Sales Management

An overview of teams, emails, contacts, leads and accounts for a specific sales process.


Run Email Campaigns with a specific objective.Upload contact list for bulk emailing.


Project Management tools to make work from home easy

PM helps in defining Activities, Tasks, Milestones, Worklog, Reporting and work management.PieTrack Desktop Application in their system locally. It will give you accurate employee working hours, project details, task or issue information, and their screenshot.

Manage organization Using human capital management

You can track all the employee's weekly offs, leaves, work from home, LOPs,employee's personal, official, salary details etc. Upload any documents like offer letters, hike letters, organization manuals, policy documents.

Sales tools integrated with PM to give insights on work.

Ordinary sales software gives you generic features which are not enough for SMBs and here is the solution by combining Sales with Project Management, you can see worklog, work to be invoiced and manage all at one place.

Marketing Solution to drive more business for organization.

Run Email Campaigns with a specific objective and Upload contact list for bulk emailing and Dashboard where you can see the detailed information about the bounced, sent, clicked and unsubscribed.