Project Planning Software

The project management system is nowadays opted by almost all industries to bring accuracy, efficiency, and productivity to any business. The project management system can be the best team management system for the organization. The software helps in work management, activity management, project assignment, looks after the milestones of the employees, live tracking their performance, and many more. This project planning software is an essential tool for project managers as well as team leaders managing a big project team to bring efficiency in the members of the team and boost their productivity.


Future of project management tools in one place. Monitor, review, gauge your project development in any scale with developer and manager focused tools.

Project Creation

Create a project with a name, due date, and assign that project to your team.


A quick overview of total projects and their progress.

Task Management

Add project priority-based tasks and assign them to the corresponding employee.


Define the phases in the project and can divide the entire project depending on the modules.


We will provide a tracker application so that you can install it and run while working on different projects. It will track the time and if you enable screenshot option it will capture the screen at random intervals.


Can view the Work/efforts made by the team and will be recorded in this page for users to check their performance.


It’s optional you can enable it and the project manager can view each employee work screenshots, and users can check their own screenshots.

Project Documents

Manage all project-related documents like BRD, FRD, SRS and test case documents.

Project Meetings

Schedule and organize your project-related discussions and establish a well-planned project management system.


Can view the team availability along with the task they are working on currently.

Project Settings

Manage all the project priorities, team members, status, labels, and 3rd part integrations where you can link your project to Github, Gitlab, Sentry, and Trello according to the client specifications.

PieTrack Download

Download PieTrack for client options for various operating systems like IOS, Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android.

Live Chat

Team communication will be carried out through this channel about the project information and it’s better to team management software.