About Us

We built an elegant solution, to achieve our core values and making it a wonderful and rich experience for all customers, associates, and partners working together.

  • Customer centric
  • Integrity
  • Employee Focus
  • Trust

Our commitment to our customers defines how we design PieTrack. We enables business transformation through enhanced speed and efficiency, cost predictability, and continuous visibility and monitoring of operations. We offer flexible, scalable, adaptive and customized services to drive performance and business value.

PieTrack, a business suite with the following expertise for team and time management :

Human Resource Management :

We did a deep market research on various human resource management tools and derived a system which will resolve the HR complications. PieTrack is having a versatile employee management, leave management, payroll management, user management, and documents management.

Project Management :

PieTrack introduced a time tracking tool called PieTracker, where we can manage the time spent on each project along with the detailed description of each task. PieTrack provides seamless integrations with GitHub, GitLab, Trello, and Sentry. PieTrack is the best comprehensive for project tracking, reports, invoicing, and more.

Sales and Marketing :

PieTrack provides an all in one solution for automating sales and marketing in one platform. It provides sales enablement, marketing automation, and reliable customer service to bring your sales to the next level. Lead management, email marketing, account management, contacts management, and inbound sales management from website or any other platform.


We introduced a unique module called SEO for site monitoring and traffic management for any website. PieTrack evaluates all the parameters required for site performance and provides the optimum solutions for site speed. SEO tools will be coming soon.