Best HR Management Practices for Better Productivity and Employee Satisfaction

In any organization, productivity doesn’t depend on the number of employees who stay for a long period of time. We should always focus on employee engagement and satisfaction. It’s always important to understand your employee's performance in different circumstances and their way of tackling the problem. Only the best HR management practices can motivate and boost the employee’s productivity.

Instead of following a traditional method, any company should have a well-tailored tool which is having commendable HRM practices that help employees to keep them on track with improved performance.

We need to implement a few human resource practices in the organization for employee betterment:

Hierarchy Management: Placing the right employees at the right place makes the work easier. It’s very keen to understand the mission and vision of the organization and align the employees, teams, and management accordingly. This helps in a drastic increase in the productivity of your company.

Transparency: The modern and best HR management practices and policies give away to a transparent portrait of every process that each employee is involved in. Transparency minimizes the confusion in the employees about rewards, recognitions, appraisals, and can access the data which is relevant to their performance.

Constant Appraisal: Appreciation always encourages employees to make their work better. Be it a simple way to just say thank you or promotion but it should be done on a regular basis. If you have an automated HR management system, then it will give reminders or notifications about employee appreciation.

Flexibility: Working hours play a crucial role in employee management. Companies should provide an environment where employees can opt for working hours, compensation, and benefits. Give them a variable compensation that keeps them working exceptionally. Provide an option to choose their work hours which obeys the company policy that brings the enormous improvement in productivity.

Feedback: Best HRM practices provide a 360-degree view of employees. This gives an opportunity to get reviews or feedback from stakeholders/managers. Feedback at regular intervals empowers employees to fill their performance gaps and tune their performance. They also receive valuable insights for their improvement.

Training: A proper functional training program helps in gaining knowledge in areas of improvement. It also helps to capture their needs and training outcomes will surprise us. Best human resource practices provide a single platform for every training and make it easy to understand the employee’s interests. Employee training and development exponentially increase their skill-set and helps them to perform better.

Survey: Employee satisfaction is the key factor of employee performance. We should maintain an automated survey form to get information about the employee’s voice. This is very effective to get the needs of the employee and take initiative for their requirements. It’s the only best practice for employee involvement, workforce development, and increases their satisfaction levels. The more you are concerned about their needs that brings down the restrictions on their performance.

PieTrack HRM software is designed in a way to customize according to your management or employee needs. PieTrack having best HRM practices like every employee can manage their leaves, their personal information, apply for work from home request, view & download payslips, check their scheduled meetings, and total work summary.

Best HRM practices also include highlighted performers, open house discussions, knowledge sharing, helping in balancing their personal and professional life, delighting employees with an unexpected, happy workplace, open management style, and mutual respect & trust.

PieTrack is always intended towards employee well being, increased productivity, and employee satisfaction. We can help you in implementing most of the measures mentioned above by using our tool. We can provide the best-synchronized system that fits your needs and click on for more information.