Best software for work from home

According to Buffer’s 2019 state of the remote report, 84 percent of people prefer to work from home at their convenient space. The most important question is to categorize the challenges of getting tasks done from the comfort zone of your home. The key benefit of remote working is having tremendous productivity and the other one is work-life balance. 

Common challenges of work from home:

Network Connectivity – Few tools that use several kilobytes/megabytes per minute which consumes most of the data. If your network connection is not strong then you cannot utilize the application in the best way.

Time management – In reality, there can be a tendency to work well beyond your normal hours, since there is no boundary between home and work.

Workload management- Managing your workload according to the time allocated is difficult. Hence you should track your time on each task.

Work Set-up – In order to work on several projects, you must install some mandatory tools or create a virtual environment/software environment to do the code changes.

Family deviations – Family disruptions might disturb your work life. People should manage official meetings especially when kids are around.

Best Software for Work from Home that Might Help Improve Your Work Efficiency

PieTrack provides some mandatory work from home software developed to function in any circumstances. For project management, we implemented a PieTracker application (typically, a desktop and/or mobile app) that tracks the time, manpower, and resources spent on a task by an employee or a group of employees on projects.

Below are some of the best features of PieTrack 

Time Tracking

Managing billable hours

Screenshot retention

Reporting and Analytics

Time Tracking:

Remote workers will be responsible for ensuring your work products, communications with your distributed team, stakeholders, and clients are as seamless as possible. This work from home software has become one of the most vital software for human resources and managerial professionals.

PieTrack helps your employees to get a full view of their daily work like how, where, and when their time is being wasted and it helps to set the priorities right. It also helps employees to keep track of time spent on certain tasks.

Managing Billable hours:

Work estimates, quotes, rates, project timelines, and deadlines – all this information will help you adjust your plans and keep your budget balanced. Sending invoices for the projects will be more effective if you integrate with the payroll.

Management can predict the time spent on non-billable activities and can convert them into productive hours/plans accordingly to increase the productivity of the organization. 

Screenshot Management: 

Pietrack’s Project Management System provides the most unique software for work from home that allows you to take random screenshots of your employees’ screens to see what they’re up to at any given moment of time and track their task progress.

The less time you spend on micromanagement the more time you will be spending on strategic planning. This helps you save time on physically checking on the employees or requiring them to send mandatory work reports daily.

PieTrack is having different plans of retention of screenshots, please go through this link for more details.

Reports and Analytics:

PieTrack gives you all the data you need to evaluate the performance of your team in general and its members individually. Project-related works can be tracked easily and generating project reports is quite easy.

Users can select their required timeframes and priority tasks and can customize their reports according to the client's specifications. PieTrack is having various infographic representations depending on the reports generated by the team.

Benefits of opting for PieTrack :

  • Accurate time management of each and every employee.
  • Increase the efficiency of project planning and budgeting.
  • Management can save money by billing for accurate working hours.
  • Time Tracking activities motivate employees and increase discipline towards their work.
  • Manage your pricing and help you to slack off non-productive works.
  • It helps in evaluating employee performance and productivity.