Sales management software for startups

The most initial stage companies will have to overcome the challenge of market acceptance and pursue deliberate development. The sales life cycle is defined as a set of predefined actions carried out by salespeople to acquire new customers. The sales life cycle is a way more traceable and provides a clear roadmap for sales processes.

The sales life cycle is more tactical and often includes various phases like a prospect, connect, research, present, close, and follow-up. It helps in building a better strategy to manage your sales pipeline, prioritize leads, and ultimately evaluate the effectiveness of your sales efforts.

Sales for startups

To understand a sales life cycle, one should know each phase, and let’s have a look at each breakdown.


In this stage, you identify the customers who will be the fit for your products and services. These prospects are the people who want to hear about your services and generally will be called sales qualified leads (SQL). Having a record of their contact information.


The process of initiation of conversation or connection to the sales qualified leads. We have various approaches to reach potentials.

  • Connect through a referral/ existing customer
  • Through social media platforms
  • Reach out clients through emails, calls, or chats.


It’s the process where you have to verify the leads whether they fall into the targeted vision or the company can reach the customer’s expectations. It’s a research phase for both clients and the company. A salesperson will share all the sales documents and help the customer to understand business. Exchange of information takes place between the company and customers like blogs, presentations, and demonstrations.


The most crucial part of any sales cycle is to gain the customer’s attention and to convince them to buy the product or services. The salesman will pull out his strengths and present why their product or services stand out in the market. Address the customer’s pain points and explain how their product or services are the best fit for the customers.


The deciding phase of sales leads to a probability of 50-50%. After clarifying everything, then the customer decides either to buy your product or service or simply denies the offer.


The sales cycle doesn’t end with cracking a deal. Once you close the lead, you have to stay connected with your clients, onboard them, leverage them to generate new businesses or referrals. In this way, you can establish your sales strategies and gain customers easily.

PieTrack enhances your sales pipeline

PieTrack’s sales management software for start-ups is designed exclusively to increase their leads generation and sales process. Let’s have a look at the features of PieTrack.

Lead Management

By using PieTrack you can capture leads by using inbound leads capture form.

You can add leads and track their status and assign them to particular salespersons.

Contact Management

We can add the contact information of the lead and send the sales emails to all the possible customers. We can upload bulk contacts in the form of CSV upload from your existing laptop.

Accounts Management

One can manage the account details of the existing customers. By using PieTrack you can send invoices to your clients by providing the mandatory details.


Add up all the deals where the customer is looking for a solution and follow up with them until they succeed. You can track them by their lead source and help them in grabbing the deals.

Email Marketing

Can customize your own marketing messages, follow up email, introduction emails everything in PieTrack sales. You can send an email to your leads by using the sales module.

PieTrack sales management software for small businesses is a complete package with advanced CRM features that helps to bring up your sales in the pipeline. PieTrack sales management software supports your business development and helps in increasing productivity. Try our PieTrack sales management software which extensively is used by the startups. The software can also be beneficial for big organizations.